we are the V. Bosses



We are ordinary people who run an online business with a unique concept. We run our business from home, a Starbucks or an exotic beach. We share our experience & knowledge with others.

Are you 

Ready to...

Work from your laptop or phone

Make your

own hours

Work from 


Ready to...


Than you are just on the right place

Does this appeal to you?


There is no better feeling than being your own boss. What we love the most is that all the hard work we put in to this business, builds our future and not someone else's.

Starting your business with our concept means that there is no limit to your earnings. There is no maximum income with our concept.

A part of our business runs 24/7. This means that you will have more time to do things that are important to you, such as spending more time with your kids or traveling more.

What we

We help people build their own social media business, even if they have no online experience, followers and have nothing to sell

Running a business online means that, as long as there’s wifi, we can work from anywhere in the whole wide world, at any time of the day

Location freedom


Freedom of time

Freedom of time

Financial freedom

Freedom for your future

Shoutout to this amazing single mom

“After 3 months I was able to halve my hours at my employer by working with this great concept. Now I can spend more time with my kids ”


Mariska van Wanrooij





Would you also like to work with our concept, be your own boss and use all our tools to successfully start this business? Check if you're the perfect match with us.


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