You have VIP access to work with our concept! Thats’s amazing very exciting. As you may already know, the V.Bosses.Inc is a group of people who work with the same concept and who will share their knowledge and experience with you. The person who sent you these links is your personal coach (upline). You can go to this person with all your questions & help. 


Below are the steps to start your business successfully, complete this step by step and do not continue if you have not yet completed the step.


Step 1 : 


It is important that you first test & share a product by yourself. This is your only investment to start your business through this concept. After purchasing at least 1 product, you will have direct access to the back office of our partner company. What so amazing & unique is that everyone who starts working with our concept after you, you receives them sales volume *


We work together with an American company so you can only purchase with a credit or debit card. If you do not yet have this in your possession via https://www.revolut.com, you can easily request one. If you need help, just send Upline a message.




  • Activate credit card or debit card if you don’t have


  • Ask the “ Pre-enroller” link of your upline, you can log in with your email address. Always check if your upline is at "ENROLLER" in the menu. Otherwise you will be randomly placed and you are probably not in our super amazing team.


  • Your upline & sidelines (our team) makes a nice shout out to you to make your followers curious.


  • Add you into the group where the users can share their results. You can use this to convince your potential customers. (link result group)


* When purchasing a minimum of 1 product + $ 20 administration costs.



Step 2 : 

okay, the foundation is ready! You have ordered the product, your followers are curious about the shoutout that your upline has done on your timeline & story and you have access to the group where all users share their results.


What is important now is that you give your social media a facelift. Your social media will now become your shop window. This does not mean that your timeline will be filled with the products. ! You are going to brand YOURSELF.



Step 3 : 

So, we are on the right way, but of course we want to make money. You will receive your product soon, but it is already important to start using your network. So make a list of people you know who drink coffee & are always busy losing weight.


You will present them the coffee to pre-order from you. Write down the benefits of this coffee for yourself and emphasize that you can order it with a discount. We sell for € 69.95 instead of € 109.95 for a box of 30 coffee or a trial of € 24.95 for 6 days.


Also use the group of results if these people want to see evidence! You can use this group as your sales tool without it being too sales-like.


Try to make a pre-order list of 16 products so that you can unlock all the bonuses so that we can expand your business immediately.



Give your social media a Facelift, ask your Upline for top tips & advice.


  • Make a list of names of people who drink coffee and who are always busy with losing weight. Design a nice message to send. Before you send this, send it to your upline so she/he might give you some tips. Are the people who sent you your message curious? Add them to our  group via this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2544698565806894/



Step 4 : 

Well ... the foundation is ready! You have invested in the product, you have given your social media a facelift so that it is now classified professionally. You have a list of (potential) customers.


The next promotion you can get is Ruby. This means that you have purchased 16 products and can continue to expand your business. You will then not be paid in 1 but in 7 ways.


The V.bosses.Inc is a group of people who are all members & Ruby’s and they would like to share their knowledge and experience with you.


Through the button below you add into our FB training group. If you are accepted, introduce yourself so that we know who you are. I know for shure that you will receive a warm welcome from a lot of members..


Also look at the units in the group to gain even more knowledge. about the concept you are working with now.